MAWS 2022 Conference Schedule


Tuesday June 21–Thursday June 23: Pre-Conference 2 1/2–3 day Workshops

3:00–5:00pmPre-Conference RegistrationTrinity Hall Lobby
19:00am–4:30pmIntro to Drawloom Weaving (offsite)Joanne Hall

Wednesday June 22–Thursday June 23: Pre-Conference 1-day and 2-day Workshops

Pre-Conference RegistrationTrinity Hall Lobby
2Wed & Th9:00am–4:30pmColor Horoscope WeavingBonnie Tarses
3Wed only9:00am–4:30pmDyeing on the Farm (offsite; repeats Sat.)Laurel Orthmeyer
4Wed & Th9:00am–4:30pmCrackle Weave’s MysteryLiz Moncrief
5Wed & Th9:00am–4:30pmSpinning with a PurposeJane Fournier

Thursday June 23: Pre-Conference 1/2-day and 1-day Workshops

7:30am–9:00amPre-Conference RegistrationTrinity Hall Lobby
69:00am–noonFiber—Yarn—FabricLinda Kubik
79:00am–noonHow Do I Understand Weaving DraftsAnnette Schipf
noon–6:00pmConference RegistrationTrinity Hall Lobby
noon–6:00pmVendor Set-UpTrinity Hall Lobby
noon–6:00pmGuild Booth Set-UpSt. Charles Rm 34
noon–4:00pmTowel & Skein Exchange SubmissionsTrinity Hall Lobby
noon–4:00pmOpen Show SubmissionsTrinity Hall Lobby
 81:30pm–4:30pmBeginner’s SpinningTrudy Moffett
 91:30pm–4:30pmBeginner’s KnittingJenny George
101:30pm–5:30pmEdge and Seam Finishes (4 hrs.)Linda Kubik
111:30pm–4:30pmColor for Fiber ArtistsDeb Essen
121:30pm–4:30pmKathryn’s CupcakesAnnette Schipf
6:00pm–9:00pmVendor Booths OpenTrinity Hall Lobby
7:30pm–9:00pmMary Atwater, My GREAT Great GrandmotherMary Biehl
O’Connell Rm 107


Friday June 24: General Conference Workshops

7:30am–9:00amConference RegistrationTrinity Hall Lobby
149:00am–4:30pmQuintessential North-West VestLinda Kubik
159:00am–4:30pmSupplemental WarpsDeb Essen
169:00am–4:30pmIntro to Rigid Heddle WeavingJoanne Hall
179:00am–4:30pmPainting for an Artisan ScarfLiz Moncrief
189:00am–4:30pmWrapped Ikat Silk JewelryBonnie Tarses
199:00am–4:30pmKnitted-Felted Miter BowlJenny George
209:00am–4:30pmFlax SpinningKaren Griffing
219:00am–noonSpinning with a Turkish SpindleTammy Jordan
noon–9:00pmVendor Booths OpenTrinity Lounge
noon–9:00pmGuild Booths OpenSt. Charles Rm 34
noon–9:00pmJuried Show OpenSt. Charles Rm 34
221:30pm–4:30pmWoolen Watercolors (1/2 day)Tammy Jordan
7:30pmLiving Treasures AwardsO’Connell Rm 107

Saturday June 25: General Conference Workshops

7:30am–9:00amConference RegistrationTrinity Hall Lobby
9:00am–4:30pmSupplemental Warps (day 2)Deb Essen
9:00am–4:30pmColor & Weave (day 2)Annette Schipf
9:00am–4:30pmQuintessential North-West Vest (day 2)Linda Kubik
239:00am–4:30pmDyeing on the Farm (repeat of #3)Laurel Orthmeyer
249:00am–4:30pmIntro to Computer DraftingLiz Moncrief
259:00am–4:30pmSpontaneous Weaving from the HeartBonnie Tarses
269:00am–4:30pmBrioche KnittingJenny George
279:00am–4:30pmSpinning CottonJane Fournier
289:00am–4:30pmBronson Lace Pick-UpBev Polk
299:00am–4:30pmTapestry WeavingJoanne Hall
309:00am–noonFelted Sheep OrnamentTammy Jordan
noon–9:00pmVendor Booths OpenTrinity Lounge
9:00am–9:00pmGuild Booths OpenSt. Charles Rm 34
9:00am–9:00pmJuried Show OpenSt. Charles Rm 34
7:00pm–9:00pmOutta Sight Party; Spin-in; Exchange;
Show & Tell; Shop-Shop-Shop
Trinity Lounge/Courtyard

Sunday June 26

Collect Open Show EntriesSt. Charles Rm 34
Take Down Guild BoothsSt. Charles Rm 34
8:00amVendor Booths OpenTrinity Hall Lobby
9:00am–noonBrunch & Fashion ShowStudent Ctr Lounge
10:00amMAWS Membership MeetingStudent Ctr Lounge
noonConference Ends. See you in 2024!