Program Schedule, 2021-2022

September 18, 2021
Guild sale

October 16, 2021
Milly Dover: Coiled baskets (15 people, $10 for supplies). Spinners and knitters can come and work on anything

November 20, 2021

Meet at Capital Baptist Fellowship, 1727 Waukesha (corner of Laurel and Waukesha), in Helena

Carol Dees: Tatting (participants will need a shuttle, #10 crochet cotton, scissors, and paper). Carol will provide handouts.

Jane Fournier: Spinning Singles You Can Use & Texture

Spinning yarns for use as singles sometimes presents challenges that aren’t faced when designing plied yarns. During the morning of this one-day workshop we will investigate and experiment with the design choices you can make when selecting fibers, preparation methods, spinning technique, and yarn finishing to spin singles yarns that perform as well as they look. As part of the discussion, we’ll take a close look at the role of twist in making yarn and its impact on various fabric techniques.

In the afternoon, we’ll explore texture. An oft-heard lament as we master the technique of spinning is that we can’t recapture the wonderful textures of our “beginner’s yarn.” By using imaginative fiber preparations and different drafting techniques we will create wonderful slubby, varied, and textured yarns but in ways that keep you in control of the process and the outcome.

Instructor’s Fee: $40 (paid by the guild)
Participant Fiber Fee: $10

What to bring:

  • Spinning wheel in good working order with at least one bobbin (three are recommended). Spindle spinners are also welcome to bring medium weight spindles if they would like to use them.
  • Fine and medium handcards, if available (there are usually plenty in the class for sharing if you don’t have these yet).
  • Small ruler (a 6-inch ruler is easiest to handle but the length isn’t critical) or yarn gauge.
  • Notebook, pen or pencil, scissors, and small niddy-noddy (for making sample skeins) are all useful but not essential.
  • Any yarns or fibers you have questions about or would like to experiment with in the workshop (optional).

 Instructor will provide:

  • All fibers needed for the workshop.
  • Printed notes.

December 11, 2021 (Saturday)
Guild Christmas Party and Gift Exchange
Annette Cade’s home

January 8, 2022
ROC day

January 15, 2022
Trudy and Hadassah Moffett: Knitted and crocheted sock class
(Weaving is still being determined)

February 19, 2022 
Program still in process

March 19, 2022
Laurel Orthmeyer: Navajo spindle spinning
(10 people, $5 for fiber; participants will also need to acquire a Navajo spindle)
Weavers and knitters bring own project

April 9, 2022 
Joanne Hall: Band and inkle weaving (supplies will be provided)
Spinners and knitters bring own project

May 21, 2022
Joanne Hall: Warping looms for conference participants
Spinners and knitters bring own project

June 21 – 26, 2022
MAWS Conference